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Club Lux has been undergoing radical changes that brings many new opportunities. Our new refreshed look and focus towards broader online markets show our commitment to bringing the best user experience and unmatched quality. In the coming days we hope to bring on board sets of individuals to spearhead the Club Lux blog to write about pop culture from celebrity news, music releases and critique, fashion industry moves and general gossip surrounding the entertainment world. We at Club Lux hope that as we finalize the details on this blog you return back to read many great pieces that spur your interest!

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Thats A Baad Man

Yessirski!! Yea yall its the one they love to hate from #Radio106, Kimmie Kold tapping in with you guys with the hottest news in music, fashion, and entertainment baby! So this past week where do I b

Whoa Man

[ ] Hey yaw it's your favorite most hated host of #Radio106 Kimmie Kold!! Thats right its a kold world, bundle up! Speaking of bundle when I say mother nature went Gucci Mane *BURR* on 80% of the US

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