About our Academy

Joining our academy is a great way to link up with other active and quality players to further develop your skills in Rainbow 6 Seige. the environment within our academy is open to players Gold and above. (For reference our First Team is average Platinum 2)

Perks upon joining

  • Meet and play with other active Rainbow 6 players

  • Climb the rank latter with others within the academy

  • Learn from others within the academy to refine your mechanical skill and game knowledge

  • Top academy players are included in the Academy Team roster

  • Academy Team members scrimmage and practice against the First Team to further learn and grow as players.

  • Academy Team members can be entered into free entry tournaments and leagues to gain valuable competitive experience.

Steps to Join

  1. Join our discord here (Make sure to react to the auto role bot to get access to specific channels)

  2. Send your R6Tab profile to Cameron D. to verify your Gold+ status.

  3. In your UPlay Account put our tag at the front of your name "TAUT"

  4. Introduce yourself and team up with others!

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